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Who doesn't love the tasty recipes of paneer? Panner is one of the most loved dairy products in India. Paneer is also known by the name " Indian cottage cheese ". Paneer has originated from Indian land and is widely used in other parts of the World. According to a recent report published, adulteration in paneer has now become a common practice that can result in serious effects on health.

Common adulterants which are added are detergent, urea, vegetable oils, coal tar, etc. Amarnath Milk Foods are one of the top Paneer Manufacturers and Suppliers in India since 2014 are constantly meeting the demands of their consumers with fresh paneer, frozen paneer, Sterilized paneer made from fresh cow milk of healthy cows & buffaloes.

How to Check Purity of Paneer?

To check the purity of panner, you need to perform some tests like

Pure Paneer- It's always soft, smooth, and has a smooth texture all over. It won't turn into small dust very easily after applying pressure with fingers.

Adulterated Panner- It's hard & has a similar texture to rubber. It can be easily broken into small dust after applying pressure due to baking soda in it.

Where to use paneer?

Different dishes which can be prepared with Amarnath Frozen Paneer -

  • Use Frozen Paneer in Indian Recipes.

  • Prepare Different sabzis using cubes of paneer: palak paneer, shahi paneer, butter paneer masala, paneer lababdar, Matar paneer, etc addition of different vegetables.

  • Stuffed Paneer Parathas

  • Marinate & grill Paneer chunks for preparing dishes like paneer tikka.

  • Paneer bhurji

  • Use paneer in making tasty sandwiches wraps & include in toppings over pizza.

  • Make mouth-watering Indo-Chinese recipes like chilly paneer or paneer Manchurian.

  • Enjoy crispy paneer bread pakora or paneer pakora any time.

  • Prepare tasty desserts combining paneer like chenna.

Top Reasons to include Indian cottage cheese in your diet-

It's really tough to find someone who doesn't love paneer. It's highly rich in nutrients such as protein, calcium, selenium, carbohydrates, and potassium. Major Health benefits of eating paneer regularly include-

  • Aid in Bodybuilding- Include panner as a healthy substitute for fried foods. People undergoing dieting or gym training can consume paneer for satisfying their hunger or cravings.

  • Builds bones & teeth- Calcium present in paneer builds strong teeth & bones. Low lactose level prevents tooth cavity.

  • Improves digestion process - The presence of phosphorus in paneer eases the digestion process & increases the energy levels.

  • Ideal for Pregnant Women- Pregnant women require calcium & phosphorus for their growing baby.

  • Improves metabolic rate - Paneer supplies instant energy & releases calories. The body doesn't store extra fat.

  • Reduces Joint Pain & body pain - The presence of omega fatty acids fights arthritis & reduces joint pain.

  • Fights Cancer

  • Improves the immune system

  • Improves memory & concentration power

  • Helpful in Menopause stress

  • Increases the sperm count in men

  • Brings the glow on the face

  • Best for athletes & health-conscious people

  • Improves the brain functioning

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Hence, the Benefits list doesn't just end here. Purchase Frozen Paneer at Best Price from

Shri Amarnath Milk Foods Pvt Ltd, Dairy products Supplier in Dholpur. Enjoy healthier & tastier recipes of paneer without compromising with health. Purity is our top priority.

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