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Are you among those who feel that making tea or coffee takes quite a time for preparation as we usually remain in a hurry due to our busy lifestyle? Most people prefer a substitute that can quickly prepare their favorite drink without compromising with the same creamy taste that milk adds. Dairy whitener is one such product that usually tops the list of people that lets them enjoy their favorite drink any time anywhere.

A dairy whitener is a product that is obtained when the liquid content of milk is removed leaving the solid part behind which acts as a substitute for milk. Dairy Whiteners are rich in nutrients. You can store it for over a year without affecting their quality.

Dairy Whitener Suppliers in India

Amarnath Milk Foods has successfully established itself as one of the best brands in the agriculture sector by supplying the premium & purest quality of milk & dairy products. Their dairy products are trusted by many people who have become their long-term consumers. They are one of the best dairy whitener manufacturers in India that uses pure milk extracted from healthy cows. Hence increasing the overall nutritional value. They use high-quality cow milk obtained after feeding cows with a rich diet. Dairy Products manufactured at Amarnath Milk Foods are free from harmful chemicals & preservatives which affect health. Nutrients are preserved in Dairy whiteners.

There's a huge demand for Amarnath Dairy Whitener in Indian markets due to low cost, longer shelf-life & premium quality

Dairy whitener Uses

There are several uses for dairy whitener, which we will tell you further in this blog.

  • You can use it as a substitute of milk in any food.

  • Use it for making tasty, creamy & milky tea/coffee, milk beverages & breakfast cereals with a pleasant aromatic smell.

  • Used as replacement of milk in baked foods

Note – Dairy whiteners are often mistaken as Milk Powder. Some even think that both are the same. Both differ a lot in terms of the preparation process, composition, solubility, and shell life which are discussed below-

  • Preparation- Unlike Dairy Whiteners, Milk Powders are produced by evaporation of milk till they are completely dry.

  • Solubility - Dairy Whiteners improve the product's overall appearance in which they are added as they get completely dissolved without forming the lumps. Milk Powder even after addition, leaves the lumps behind. Dairy Whitener is sometimes preferred over milk powder when lumps are formed.

  • Sugar Composition- Dairy Whitener has more sugar compared to milk powders i.e. 20%.

  • Shelf Life- Shelf Life of Dairy Whiteners is longer as compared to milk powders. Hence they are stored for more duration of time.

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Experience rich goodness of milk in Dairy Whiteners.

Hygenic & safety standards are strictly maintained & followed at our manufacturing units. Enjoy a delicious, creamy & tasty sip of your favorite beverages with your perfect everyday partner i.e. Amarnath dairy whitener. Dairy Whiteners have become widely popular these days because of the convenience & visual appeal they provide to the added product. Buy Dairy Whitener at Best Price Online at worth Prices from Amarnath Milk Foods Now.

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