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Milk Products are considered the best source of calcium in our body and maintain the body density & prevent the risks of fractures. Milk supplies the essential micro & macronutrients important for the growth of children and maintaining good health in the long run in adults. The founders of Shri Amarnath Milk foods initially started as the Milk Producer Company in India with a mission to provide the top quality milk in India since 1989 and later increased their production as Dairy Products Distributor to the whole of India. They have now become one of India's best Milk & Dairy product Manufacturers.

The Company's main vision is to emerge in India as the no.1 brand on which people can completely trust & rely for a longer period while maintaining the rich Indian culture in the production of our products. In today's time, milk & milk products' quality has become worse due to the addition of preservatives, chemicals, antibiotics, etc. which has hazardous health effects on the human body. Shri Amarnath Milk foods have taken a great initiative in supplying people with pure dairy products passed through various quality checks.

What makes us the best Dairy Product Manufacturers?

Maintaining purity is our priority. Millions of our customer's trust & rely on our brand for various reasons and consider us their first choice.

Benefits of consuming our Products-

  • Extracted from Healthy cows & Buffaloes - Cows & buffaloes are fed a nutritional diet that directly affects the quality of milk produced.

  • High-Quality Products - Our dairy products are obtained from pure cow's milk and standard packaging methods & materials are used to store the products.

  • Zero Preservatives & chemicals - Our dairy products are immense pure, free from preservatives & chemicals. Pure Ghee is produced by the Traditional Valona process which makes the Ghee much healthier, sacred & tastier for consumption.

  • Best in Purity - We maintain the promise of purity of every bit or drop of our product. Pure Raw Milk is used while preparing dairy products.

  • Enriched with Nutrients- Milk products contain saturated fatty acids, which are considered the source of good fat, lowering the chances of heart diseases among people. Modern-day products are highly rich in bad cholesterol which causes the deposition of fat in our body hence affecting the functioning & health in long run. Also, our products are enriched with essential vitamins such as vitamin A, K2, E, etc.

  • No use of hormones or antibiotics.

Some of our High Demanding Products are-

  • Pure Desi Ghee of cow's milk - This can be used for cooking as well as for sacred purposes.

  • Fresh Paneer (frozen & sterilized paneer)

  • Skimmed Milk Powder

  • Dairy Whitener

  • Whole Milk Powder

  • Different variety of cheese

We are the leading Milk and Dairy Product Suppliers in Dholpur as our manufacturing unit since 2014. We have successfully managed to grow our consumers base in India & will continue to grow so. Buy High-Quality Dairy Products from Amarnath Milk Foods.

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